Bilingualism & ESL

Bilingualism & ESL

ESL students are learners from language backgrounds other than English (LBOTE) who are learning English as a second or additional language as well as developing literacy skills in English. (quoted from NSW Department of Education guidelines)

ESL students have a diverse range of backgrounds as well as differing levels of English language competence and English language learning needs. Some students enrol in school with minimal or no English. Good models of English language use, in context, need to be provided and students need to be given the opportunity to practise using language with support until they are able to use English language independently.


Bilingual education is any form of education in which two languages are used to teach subject matter (content other than language).

Useful Resources

  • Teacher Visuals
    These PCS enable teachers to give instruction visually to support children's needs.
  • Timetable Visuals
    A wide range of PCS suited for K-12 Key Learning Areas and classroom activities.
  • Proloquo2Go Core Vocabulary
    A screen shot of one of Proloquo2Go's core vocabulary templates. A great resource to model and teach the skills need to manipulate Proloquo2Go, to teach core vocabulary, or use as a PODD template.
  • Colours - Bengali/English
    An Aided Language Stimulation Board for Colours with labels in English and Bengali.

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