Communication Toolbox

Welcome to our Communication Toolbox 

Many students are not able to fully access the curriculum as they do not have successful communication strategies. This often leads to anxiety and frustration for individuals as they are unable to make their wants and needs, hopes and dreams known to a communication partner. Passfield Park School staff have worked with a speech pathologist to identify and implement strategies to assist students with communication. We have produced a toolbox of strategies, ideas and activities to support students with some verbal skills who need alternative/augmented communication to ensure they can achieve curriculum outcomes. The activities in the toolbox were chosen by drawing on the specific skills of speech pathology whilst concentrating on skill building that can be achieved by classroom teachers.

The Toolbox is presented in an interactive web base format enabling free and easy access to resources and links as well as information and tips on how the resources can be used and adapted to suit a wide variety of needs. 

Not sure where to start? The Decision Tree is available to guide educators and parents/carers in identifying key areas of communication to focus on to work towards student goals.